Reader’s Choice:
Once every week we nominate contents for "Author of the Week: Readers Choice" on the basis of their quality. We nominate the content in two different categories namely, Story and Poem. The nominated writers are listed to get applause (CLAPS) by the readers. The writer who is applauded the most is declared as "StoryMirror Author of the Week: Readers' Choice - Story" & "StoryMirror Author of the Week: Readers' Choice - Poem".

Editor’s Choice:
We acknowledge one writer in each category (Story & Poem) every week whose content has been loved the most by our editorial team. This award is entirely based on the quality of content and marks given by the editorial team. The writer will be declared as "StoryMirror Author of the Week: Editors' Choice - Story" & “StoryMirror Author of the Week: Editors' Choice - Poem”.

As we all know, in the offline world, an audience shows their enjoyment and love to the artist in the form of a CLAP, which is considered as an emotional gesture to praise any creativity.  We bring before you this beautiful gesture on our online platform where you can share and receive this emotion to appreciate and be appreciated. 
Share your link with the readers and, if they like your writing, they can show their love by giving a CLAP on your link. The minimum number of claps to be eligible for the winner category are 5.

  1. Winners get directly nominated for the most prestigious Author of the Year Award.
  2. A recognition on StoryMirror's Wall of Fame (
  3. Author of the Week certificate.
  4. StoryMirror Silver Membership (
  5. StoryMirror voucher worth Rs.150/- which can be availed on to buy books.  
  6. Top 3 in each category will be published in a monthly e-book featuring the best content from StoryMirror